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Tahoe Talent Magazine wants to express our gratitude towards Tahoe Mayor Hal Cole and the people of Tahoe for their continued support and guidance in making this edition of Tahoe Talent Magazine a success.
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    Welcomes you to the May 2017 edition of Talent Magazines. Over the upcoming summer months, we hope to introduce the best talent that is active in the creative fields both locally and nationally. Every summer, there is an onrush of new talent that emerges from its roots with the warmth of the sun and when it does, we make it a point to be there to help it grow and achieve the heights it is striving for. When we spot a new talent, we make it our mission to ensure that this emerging talent gets out there among the people and receives the attention it needs to grow and mature.

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    Tahoe Talent Magazine Is Dedicated To Promoting Upcoming and Existing Talent From The Field Of Music, Dance, Theater,Photography, Arts and Entertainment.

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